sizeWhen choosing your child a bike it is important to get the right size for a safe and comfortable ride.

Model Min Saddle Height Max Saddle Height Wheel size
Runner 36cm 43cm 12″
Blox 12″ 43.5cm 49cm 12″
Blox 14″ 45cm 53cm 14″
Blox 16″ 48.5cm 63cm 16″
Mayhem 60cm 73.5cm 20″
Energy 60cm 73.5cm 20″
Kinetic 24″ 67cm 85cm 24″
Kinetic 26″ 73.5cm 89cm 26″

BMX Sizing:

Model Top Tube Wheel Size
Dirt Squirt 16.45″ 16″
Shredder 19″ 18″
Fluxus Micro 16.19″ 18″
Fluxus Mini 17.6″ 20″
Fluxus Junior 18.74″ 20″
Fluxus Expert 19.5″ 20″

Please note: We always recommend that you go to a local dealer who will have a range of Cuda bikes in store for you to sit on. The dealer will be able to give you help and advice on finding the perfect bike for your budding little cyclist.