How To Videos: How to ride a bike


We caught up with our Cuda Crew member Jack over the summer holidays so he could show us all how he learnt to ride a bike.

Jack said “he loved learning to ride a bike and he can’t wait to help his sister learn to”

Jack’s dad opted to keep away from stabilisers and although we do supply them with some of our models we also agree the best way to learn is without them.

Riding a balance bike increases balance and confidence on two wheels and is also great fun! Jack still loves riding his now!

We spoke to Richard (Jacks dad) for some advise and he thinks “It is really important you give them time to master each stage as all children will learn at a different pace. If you find they are really struggling at the next step there is no harm in going back and trying again another time.”

Check out our first: How To Video below

If your child is too tall for a balance bike you can follow the same process on a standard bike but just remove the pedals. Be careful the cranks are not hitting their legs, if they are you can always ask your local bike shop to remove them and then put them back on when you feel they are ready to get pedaling.

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