Jack’s cycling adventure so far..


As a brief introduction Jack has always ridden Cuda Bikes and loved every single one of them from a Cuda Runner Balance Bike to the Cuda Blox 12. For us as a family it’s been really important to make sure that Jack gets the best possible start to cycling as we are always out and about and with the Cuda bikes he’s had so far we really couldn’t have wished for a better start!



He started riding his Cuda Runner Balance bike properly at the age of 3 and then on to the Cuda Blox 12, which we used without pedals with the saddle down low for a few months. We kept trying the pedals on but he didn’t feel comfortable with them until the big breakthrough just after he turned 4 when one day we took the pedals out with us and after a push he just started cycling. And he’s not stopped since.


Jack has never used stabilisers as actually what happens when you put stabilisers on a child’s bike is that it turns into a tricycle which requires different weight distribution and balancing so therefore when you take them off the bike they would need to start the learning process from the beginning and it just makes the whole process longer and more difficult. Having gone through it and seeing how quickly he’s gone from balance bike to properly riding and handling his bike I could not recommend it enough!  SAY NO TO STABILISERS!!



So with that introduction our little man has started to grow. He’s just started school aged 4 and has been riding to school everyday since.


We make it fun and he always goes to school with a big smile on his face and happy to be riding home in the afternoon. He loves splashing through puddles and racing the traffic on the curb. It’s 1.5 miles there so twice a day five days a week makes it to 15 miles and that’s before going out at the weekend.


Jack was getting close to the marker on his seat post on the Cuda Blox 12 and been given this amazing opportunity to be a Cuda Champion. He was sent a Cuda Performance CP16 so he went from a 12 to a 16-inch kids bike. To be honest we weren’t sure if this was going to be a too big jump and was expecting to have to go back to the Cuda Blox 12 for a bit longer (Jack is quite small for his age) but because of the low geometry it fitted him really well.


Jack Loves his New Cuda Bike. (Cuda Performance CP16 Kids Bike)


In his words


“I love the colour! I love the red! Shinny red!”


“I love the wheels. Big Wheels!”


“Faster! Easier to ride!”


“It doesn’t take as much energy to cycle with it!”


“I love everything about the bike!”



What we’ve noticed


We’ve found that since swapping over to his new bike he’s a lot faster! Before we could walk or jog to keep up with him. Now we are either on another bike to keep up with him or running!


Hills that he used to need a push to get up he can now cycle up on his own.


It’s a lot easier for him to set off and start pedaling.


His bike handling is much smoother and more stable.


We can cycle further. We had a Dad and Jack ride around Salcey Forest first weekend in December that was 5 miles and we got around with no problem.



So a big, big difference from changing from 12 Inch wheels to 16 Inch wheels


The bike is also really light. I weighed it at 6.95kg with the pedals, reflectors and dirt on!




The components are really good. The Tektro brakes have adjustable short reach brake levers which I’ve adjusted a bit to make them fit better for his little fingers. They do work well!


The bike just feels quality with the lightweight alloy frame, with the cool red finish and with the Kenda small block tyres. A smart bit of kit!


In our opinion it is one of the best kids bikes around!!



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So, what do you think ?