Triathlons and Trophies!


The Race Season Has Started.

My first Eastern League race was an aquathlon in Essex and I came first, YAY, on the way home my dad dropped me at a triathlon skill school run by Triathlon England and I got to ride my bike every day for four days. When I came home I had another aquathlon in Essex and I won that too.

Then I got chosen to be in a team of children to ride around Silverstone racetrack and I went round six times and I did over 20miles, it was really hot and I got home really late at night.

My dad saw this man and said I should have a selfie with him, I didn’t know who he was but when we put the photo on twitter it got liked by hundreds of people. It was Mark Cavendish and he is really fast on his bike.

Then me and some friends ride around Snetterton race track which is near to my house and I did over 20miles again. It was fun riding my bike in a group and at the end I stood on the podium.

I think I did another aquathlon near my house and I won that too.

For some good training my dad said I should do two races on one day because soon I have got a big race on a Saturday and one on a Sunday so we went all the way to Derby to do a Duathlon. It was on a race track but I had my grass tyres on because my second race was on grass and I couldn’t change my tyres in time. I came third in the Duathlon, I was fastest on the runs but not quick enough on my bike this time. My dad then drove really fast to get me Warwick for a triathlon. It was really hot and I was feeling tired but I tried my hardest and I did the fastest swim, the second fastest bike which made my dad happy, and the fastest run. And I won the tri star 1 race YAY.


Soon I have my first Eastern League triathlon and an aquathlon the next day in the London league but that will be just for fun. And then I get to go and watch the triathlon team relays at Nottingham and I have a pass to meet all the pro athletes which will be really fun.

I hope you like my blog, if you do you can follow my training and racing and where I go on my bike on twitter, I am @ironkidbilliej

I will have lots to tell you about my triathlons in my next blog.



Billie xx

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