The perfect family does exist…..




Isaac was born in to a cycling family and as most cycling families will admit they can’t wait to get their son/daughter on a bike and pedalling. Here is a great blog from one of our Cuda Champions and as the title suggests there is a perfect family (when it comes to bikes)


Technical: The transition between each of these bikes has been seamless, the position of saddle and bars has almost been matched to the rider. Everything is in the right place for the next level of growth.

Equipment: These are big boy bikes; the ones dads want. Its all quality components alloy and alloy and stuff that lasts.

The Looks: He likes green and buy chance this Cuda family has hit the mark each one has its own twist on it.

It all happened over night Feet up, Stabilisers off, Madison, Washing, Skidding and Zwift.


 Technically Isaacs 2nd bike if you class the carpet masher, one of the lowest saddle heights available on the market so starting them young is so possible, eagers dads ;-). Saddle shape is mega, bar position is exact. Feet up was a revelation and to progress on to the footrest made him smile so much.

And then we found the pump track….. which was mega!


The carpet masher



Proper Bike: The Cuda BLOX

Getting the pedals turning was a little…… you know how 3-year olds can be when stuff doesn’t go there way. But a few days later and overnight we got forward motion, what he result. Then a few weeks later, his decision, the stabilisers came off and instant success in the first few pedal revs. The magic happened.

To the Café and Back 4miles Easy



Santa’s Cuda CP16

Nothing like a New Bike Day at Christmas. So pre-flight check at Cuda towers to ensure it’s the right one and order placed with Santa, and too add some spice we got some extra gear as well…. matching.


Again, the transition between bikes was seamless, it fitted like a glove. It took a few days but the back brake was found and the art of a skid was developing……watch this…

Skill are progressing and we have one handed, standing up, closing eyes riding round cone but the skid hits the spot.


And did you know under 13’s can get Zwift free of charge, so that’s the next project..




Ride on!



So, what do you think ?