Winter miles, Summer smiles


Jack’s been riding his Cuda bike every day, to school, to the shops, the park, walking the dog, riding into town, around the garden, homemade ramps any excuse to just get out and ride and have fun!

He loves, loves, loves the bike! His Cuda Performance CP16 Kids Bike.


He’s cycled through the winter and into spring in all weather.


A lot of people get put off cycling in the winter “It’s cold” or “It’s wet”. But in our house, that just adds to the excitement! Riding through puddles is one of the highlights of his day, the bigger, the better!



Kids love being outdoors – fresh air, freedom, adventure, they even say it improves the ability to concentrate and learn.


So how do you keep a 4-year-old and Dad motivated even in the harder months? And what gear do you need to do it.


The hardest thing is to start.  Just throwing your leg over the bike when it’s pouring down with rain or snowing is hard even though 2 seconds rolling down the road you’re smiling.


Remember cycling warms you up so built-in heating ☺


And once you’re out riding and rolling down the road with your little one by your side playing cops and robbers or to the left.. to the right the fun and games you make up while you’re riding and chatting about what’s happened that day is just an awesome feeling for any parent or carer.



We always get dressed up for the weather, which takes another minute or 2, but for a 4-year-old getting geared up means you’re going to be doing something exciting and going on an adventure!


Gear List



Warm Jacket

The one we’ve been using with Jack, although he’s now grown out of it, is by Didriksons, and we’ve been really impressed with it.


Waterproof Suit

I think an essential item for all outdoor kids. Jack’s is a Regatta Kids Waterproof Puddle Suit.



We did have a slight issue with Jack getting cold hands during the winter months but these properly sorted out the problem! Didriksons Biggles Zip Mittens



In really cold or more extreme weather we also use some insulated ski high trousers, again by Didriksons (they came as a set with his jacket). They are a bit harder to pedal in than the Regatta waterproof suit but he’s always been warm and comfortable.


Cycling Helmet.

Always wear a helmet! That’s all we will say…


Bike lights

I think this is essential. Be safe, be seen!

Two lights at the front or a powerful Guee 300e front light and two lights at the back, one on the helmet so it’s higher up and one on the frame as bright as possible so cars can see when crossing the roads in the low morning light and dark evenings.



So we’ve just done a rough calculation and since September Jacks cycled 474 miles just on his school commute and his saddle’s gone up 2 inches.



His Cuda Performance CP16 has been faultless the only thing had to do is to wash it. Just need to work on getting Jack to do that!


The main thing is to keep things fun! His latest thing’s been a regular off-road de-tour across the park. “Daddy can I go off road?!” He loves it!



All those winter miles sure have made him faster. Follow Jack’s cycling adventures! On Instagram


So, what do you think ?