Shredding In To Summer With The Morris Mob


The summer is here ( well 90%).

It’s been three months since Ben & Will were given the amazing opportunity of joining the Cuda Crew and they have been loving it.


Any opportunity they have they are on the bikes.


We are well in to the race season and it has been smiles and laughs all the way.


We have been really lucky with the last two race events we’ve been to, both have been at Hayes and its a track that the Morris mob love.


The first visit was for round two of the London BMX Series, it was a brilliant sunny day and the boys were on fire.

They both battled through the moto stages and both managed to gain a spot in the final and rode away with a medal each. ( everyone loves a medal).

The second visit to Hayes saw the boys racing in round 5 of the South Region BMX series.

A hard battle for both the boys but what an amazing finish for both of them.

It was a double Morris mob win as they both bagged a first place.

An amazing day that ended on a high for both the boys. ( the new Oneal Sonus helmets gave them a boost)

These two literally live on two wheels.

Ben is full throttle on his Cuda Impact Mountain Bike. So much that dad struggles to keep up with him 😂.















A huge thank you to Cuda and Moore large for giving these two boys this amazing opportunity.

They live on their Cuda bikes and live in their Cuda crew t-shirts ( every day 😂)


Remember ride, smile and be happy.


So, what do you think ?