The BMX race season has arrived!


The race season is back in full swing. Ben and Will have been chomping at the bit since they picked up their new Cuda Fluxus.

The bikes have been tested and put through their paces for the past couple of months and they are dialled in and ready.

The first race was the South Region regional at Cyclopark and the boys pushed it to the limit.

Will was on form and managed to bag a 3rd place in his age group final.

Ben gave it his all but unfortunately just missed the cut to make the final by 1 point. He still had a smile on his face as he loves being on 2 wheels.


Race 2 was hosted by Runnymede and we had to be super nice to our mum as it was mother’s day and she wasn’t happy with the early morning wake up.

The sun was shining and the track was primed and ready.

Ben was positive and happy to be racing and he managed to make the quarter final cut but just missed out on a semi-final place by a single point again.

Will was on form again and pulled off a 3rd in his final and is loving the 2019 season.

We have had regular visits to the pump track were the boys loving pushing each other and setting out challenges.

Training is still one of the boy’s favourite parts of the weeks and their coach has been pushing them on to  gain more speed and rhythm.

With the weather getting better the Cuda impact is back out to play. Ben is in his element when he is on-board this amazing bike. 

Berms are smashed and jumps are conquered. He is hoping to try a dual slalom race this year and maybe even a downhill race.

Saturday 13th was a big day for the 2 loonatics, Round 3 of the British Cycling National BMX series.

The boy’s first ever national race and what a day it was with over 600 competitors at the event the boys had their work cut out for them.

Ben was racing in the 10 year olds and had 54 in his group. Will was in the 8 year olds and had a smaller group with 40.

The atmosphere was amazing and the boys were in their element getting all hyped up for the moto’s.

The gates went down and they gave it everything they had and raced their hearts out. But it was just one of those days and unfortunately they missed the cut to go through to the final stages.

But this did not dampen their sprits one bit. Huge smiles and loads of laughing as they watched their coach and the other classes style it up on track.

One thing to always remember is that if you aren’t smiling on your bike then you’re not doing it right.

Race, Smile and be happy. Huge thank you to Cuda and Moore Large

Get out and ride from the Morris mob ( Ben & Will )

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