You blink and its over


You blink and its over.

2019 summer race season is all done and dusted.

It’s been an amazing year for Ben and Will and they have both been progressing on their Cuda Fluxus race bikes.

The end of the season was rounded off with the two biggest races of the year. The 2019 British Championships and the South Region Championships.


It was a baking hot weekend at Derby Bmx Track for the 2019 Brits. It was the boys second ever event and they bouncing off the walls to go racing.


With both of them having huge groups it was brilliant to see them enjoying it with huge smiles on their faces.


Will made it to the male 8 eight’s and just missed out on a place in the quarter finals.


Ben was pushing it all day and loved the track but he only just missed a place in the final stages.


Next up was the south region championships at our home track.

It’s been nearly 10 years since Broomfield hosted a race and the boys were getting involved with getting the track ready in the weeks before.


Race day came and again the sun was shining.


Both the boys made the finals and said it was amazing to race on their home track.


2019 was an amazing year and it was made all that more special by the amazing people at Cuda and Moore Large.


So we wanted to say a huge thank you to Lauren and Cuda for the brilliant opportunity to ride as part of the Cuda Crew.


But the year isn’t over yet.

The winter series is about to kick off.

So let’s go racing


So, what do you think ?