Zak from school to the trails



My Name is Zak I’m 11 years old and I ride my Cuda CP24M every day to school!

At weekends it turns back into my go anywhere mountain bike, doing jumps at the trails, downhill runs at Stile Cop, Cross country trails at Cannock Chase and the odd trip to the Lake District with my family. Last weekend we decided to visit somewhere new, Hemlockstone Mountain Bike Trails on the edge of Nottingham. The trails have been built by some local mountain bikers with permission off the council, Hemlockstone is a wooded hill next to the park, with an area just for bikes. We had great fun exploring the tracks, and learning where each route took us. Good thing my Cuda has plenty of gears as the hill gets steeper at the top. After watching some of the locals speeding round the berms and hitting the bigger jumps I decided to give them a go, some of the gaps were quite big, but were actually easy to jump over. On our way back to the car we discovered more jumps at the bottom of the hill, so we’ll be back soon to try those too.

I’ve grown a lot recently and can’t wait to test out the new 26″ and 27.5″ Cuda MTB’s, this is one of my favourite things about being part of the Cuda Crew I get to help make awesome bikes for kids like me!

Keep an eye out for my next blog where I will give you some sneak peaks of whats coming!


So, what do you think ?