Training, Triathlons and shout outs


Hey Cuda Crew!

I’m back from my holiday in Fuerteventura and I came home to a lovely pink Cuda Crew t-shirt and some tattoos that Lauren had sent me.

I had another event on my first weekend back and I wore my new t-shirt and put a tattoo on for the race, it was a really windy day and I got blown off course and I cut a corner. I thought I better not cheat and get a DQ so I turned around and did the corner again but this put me behind a bit so I had to run really fast out of T2.

I’ve been practising running off my bike and it paid off because I got another win.

I’ve been doing some longer rides out on the road with my dad and we have got up to 22 miles now and I’m getting braver at going down hills fast.

I’ve got another triathlon in September and it’s a 4K bike so I need to keep training. My last two league series races are an aquathlon , where I won’t need my bike, and a Duathlon where I will need it. The Duathlon bike course is a mix of on road and off road so I will use my cross tyres.

There is another open evening at Snetterton race track and I can’t wait for that, I will have my road tyres on and I can really go fast on the nice tarmac.

I went to Nottingham to watch my dad race in the Triathlon relays and I took my bike, lots of people were looking at it when I was riding around and then the commentator said….. “Ironkid Billie is here watching today, give us a wave Billie” and I waved and everyone stared at me , I don’t even know who he was but he said he recognised me from Twitter , that was funny.

So that’s nearly my triathlon season finished, I’ve got lots of swimming coming up and I got chose to represent Norfolk in September. I will keep training hard on my bike because my race distance gets longer next year and I really want to get in the Regional squad in my first TS2 year. It will be hard but if I get really strong on my bike I think I can make it.

Thanks for reading my blog, next time I should be waiting for my Eastern Champion trophy and I can tell you how my swimming went.


Byeeeeee xx

So, what do you think ?